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Life as a Miracle: Writing Partner from OZ

Three months ago a world traveling writer returned to the U.S., to her home not far from where we live. When we re-connected, she requested a get-together to co-write. She felt she’d found her Voice at last.

For the writers among my readers, you know what that means.… ...

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What does a zipper have in common with a buzz saw? Or flip-flops with a tuk-tuk? (A tuk-tuk was the auto rickshaw we rode in Bangkok last fall. Not the best transport in a traffic-congested city. Noise clogged the scenic view.… ...

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Kill Your Darlings

“Kill your darlings” is literary gospel, a ubiquitous phrase that commands action upon one’s prose. Cut, kill, slash, rewrite. Trim the superfluous flab.

Popularized in novel and screenwriting guides in the ’90s, it’s been ascribed to William Faulkner, Oscar Wilde, Eudora Welty (now there’s a name worthy of a book character), G.K.… ...

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Narrative Arc

280px-1965_Rambler_Classic_770_convertible-whiteSpoiler alert: this post is a Rambler with no Narrative Arc.

Narrative Arc is not like Noah’s Ark, a Biblical tale with a narrative arc, if there ever was one. Imagine it: all of the critters of the world, cruising 2×2.… ...

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The Seven Year Pen

So… I had a Big Birthday. Huge number. Big, almighty geez.

How it affected me is unclear – to discover the scope of my thoughts, perspectives, and feelings is a reason to write, as you know. The process is amusing, not constraining.… ...

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Hemingway’s Bar

HBar_Hemingway_Ritz2emingway’s Bar. I recall the joy, my enthralled awe as I plunked my butt on a stool at Hemingway’s Bar in Paris. It was long before I set my intention to write a book, yet I succumbed to the immediate allure, the pretense of sitting in his place.… ...

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Benefits of a Book

For three years I’ve been writing a book, a novel activity for me –

Stashes      I highly recommend it.

The title, STASHES, came from the Lord above, I swear. It just infused, floated into mind, with narrative arcs imagined, bit by bit over time.… ...

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Time Confetti

I’ve heard a friend or two say that they have old age onset ADD. I guess that, in the land of initials, that would be OAOADD, which sounds too much like the “Old MacDonald” refrain to me.

Initially I plugged into the concept, especially when confronted near daily with my wandering teacup.… ...

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The mind wanders

worryThis post was written in late February as I awaited a scheduled surgery date. I acted on my faithful friend’s wisdom, that, what the mind doesn’t know, it invents…I sidetracked worry into its own dead end, not allowing it to blight my day or night.… ...

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When I began to write  in ardent fervor, with words flowing as wreck-less extensions of my fingers, a mentor suggested Natalie Goldberg’s small book, Writing Down the Bones. Within the first few pages I found my reason: “I began to write…because nobody could say I was wrong.” Recognizing, reckoning – release!… ...

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