What love is –

 What love is:

  • relentless tender feelings and accommodation of foibles…
  • utter lack of practicality to provide any and all support…
  • ardent devotion gingerly mingled with silliness: to take oneself seriously is to undermine the nature of loving another more than oneself…
  • enthusiasm for all things, large, small, and/or incidental… to acknowledge the joy in the eyes of another
  • kindness and covering up, derailing bullets that could strike your loved one’s pride or heart…
  • discernment of true intent of expression, whether facial, gestural, or vocal… or no body language at all.
  • patience – above all patience – and forgiveness of stance and being unattached to right vs. wrong, placed firmly in the other’s court at all time…
  • tickling, massages, and funny business…

Love is an eagerness to be in the presence of the other. A feeling, not a longing or dependence outside of self. Not a completion either. Love is acceptance of self and willingness to nuture that self in the service of your loved one’s health and happiness.

Love is 365, not a single day of devotion, like the upcoming Valentines Day. Love is strong enough and can’t be worn out by daily use. 🙂

Love is never-ending peace, love, joy, and contentment.

Love is Larry to (and for) me.

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2 comments on “What love is –
  1. Alex J. Cavanaugh says:

    Enthusiasm for all things large and small – that is my wife!

    • PJ Colando says:

      In a twist on the oft-repeated male phrase: “happy wife = happy life”, it sounds like your wife’s exuberance cheers everyone, including you. (all smiles)

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